HR advice for SMEs

We can provide HR advice to enabling you to navigate the minefield that is employment law and make it easier for you to concentrate on all the other things necessary to develop your business and grow your customer base.

We are a small business so we understand how difficult it can be to prioritise accounts, marketing, health & safety, IT systems, logistics – and then there is employment law and recruitment to add into the mix.  Yet it is the case that having the right people in the right place doing the right thing is key to a successful business.  If your employees are happy, working as a team in a mutually supportive environment they are likely to be more productive, motivated and innovative.

Keeping you current with employment law

Employment and related laws seem to continuously keep changing. Increases have just come into force for statutory sick pay, there may be changes in employment law following BREXIT, do you understand the correct process to follow when recruiting new staff? Part of our service is to keep you updated with new rules and regulations before they happen enabling you to stay ahead.

Employment Contracts

Whether you are employing staff on a permanent basis or for a fixed term, employment law requires that you provide them with a Statement of Terms & Conditions of Employment, otherwise known as an Employment Contract, within 60 days of joining your organisation.

Employment law sets out a list of items that must be included in an Employment Contract.  Some items in the Employment Contract can simply signpost to your organisation’s policies and procedures if you have them; others must be specific to the individual named in the contract.

Templated approach to Employment Contracts

We can provide you with a template Employment Contract written specifically for your organisation.  And whilst we do so, we will be happy to check your organisation’s policies and procedures to ensure they meet your statutory obligations or we can help you put them in place if you do not already have a Disciplinary Policy or a Grievance Policy.

Employment contracts from BD Roper HR

Staff Handbooks

How do your staff get to know and understand their rights and responsibilities whilst working in your organisation?

We design and write Staff Handbooks specifically for our clients, not a template for you to fill in the blanks but a customised Staff Handbook that addresses the needs of your specific business.  Importantly our Staff Handbooks are written in plain English – no ‘legalese’.

Customised Staff Handbooks – just for you

Our Staff Handbooks include everything your employees need to know about their rights and responsibilities. Our Employee Handbooks also include sections on how your organisation manages sickness absence, poor performance and other capability issues.

We will also set out your particular Disciplinary Policy and Grievance Policy properly aligned with the ACAS Code of Practice.  We consult with you, draft the Employee Handbook, send it to you for consideration and then edit or amend it until you are pleased with the Handbook.  We charge a one off fee for an Employee Handbook no matter how many reasonable amendments you request before final sign off.

Our Employee Handbooks come with a bonus in that, providing we have an ongoing relationship with you, we will update your Employee Handbook if there are changes to employment law and we do that completely free of charge.

Staff Handbooks from BD Roper HR Ltd

Disciplinary Policy

Every organisation needs a Disciplinary Policy that is either enshrined in the Employee Contract or is signposted from the Employee Contract.  We hope you never need to refer to your Disciplinary Policy but unfortunately most organisations encounter a rogue employee from time to time.

We can provide you with a Disciplinary Policy setting out a Code of Conduct designed specifically for your organisation and clearly defining the steps that need to be taken.  No one can prevent a dismissed employee from making an application to an Employment Tribunal, that is their prerogative, but we can ensure their Employment Tribunal application is without merit and their chances of success are minimised.

We will always be here for you to provide advice and guidance or to take an active role in any disciplinary procedure if that is your preference.  For example, any disciplinary action needs to be backed by evidence contained in an investigation report, we can help you undertake the investigation and put together the investigation report.

Disciplinary Policies by BD Roper HR Ltd

Discrimination, Bullying & Harassment

Most people know that discrimination, harassment and bullying are not only wrong but also unlawful.  Yet discrimination, harassment and bullying happen in both large and small organisations.

The compensation awarded by Employment Tribunals for a successful discrimination claim is uncapped and for an SME can make the difference between profit and bankruptcy.

Understanding responsibilities

We can help you make sure that you and your staff clearly understand their responsibilities in respect of discrimination. Unwanted inappropriate behaviours such as bullying cause high sickness absence levels, high staff turnover and employee de-motivation.  Such behaviours can also lead to personal injury claims. Bullying and harassment are corrosive behaviours and have no place in any organisation.

We can provide you with an Anti-Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination policy and advocate that it should be signed by every member of staff as an indication that it has been read and understood.

Bullying and harassment support from BD Roper HR Ltd

Managing Poor Performance

Not every employee comes to work ready, willing and able to do their best for your organisation.  Sometimes it is because they do not have the skills or aptitude for the job. Or perhaps it is absenteeism that is giving you cause for concern.  Whichever it is, it is a problem for you and for your other employees who have to do extra work to make up for the lost productivity caused by your absentee or poor performing employee.

We provide advice and guidance to managers faced with an employee who is underperforming, has capability issues or attendance problems.

Managing absenteeism can be a minefield as it is important to ensure the employee does not have a disability.  Disability discrimination, that is a failure to make reasonable adjustments, can be an expensive error we can help you avoid.

We can provide you with advice and guidance to manage staff with performance, capability and attendance issues.

Performance management guidance from BD Roper HR Ltd

Reasonable Adjustments for Disability

Everyone is different.  Many of us will acquire a disability during our working lives and a majority of disabilities are not visible.  A disability does not define an individual neither does it make that individual less valuable in the workplace.  But it does mean that we have to make reasonable adjustments for that employee to ensure they can make a valued contribution to the workplace whilst retaining their personal dignity.

Diabetes, depression, asthma, dyslexia are just a few of the conditions that are disabilities requiring reasonable adjustments but which are not visible to managers and colleagues.  We can help you demystify the legal requirements and help you understand what is and what is not a reasonable adjustment for your organisation.

Help with providing reasonable adjustments for disabilities

..... and one more thing ....

We have shared with you some of the things that are in the B&D Roper Ltd toolbox but there is more.  We can help you with maternity leave; we can arrange mediation between colleagues in dispute; if it is a problem relating to your employees we can help.  Whatever your needs, you can be sure that our advice will be tailored just for you.

Please give us a call or send a email us so we can discuss your needs absolutely free of charge.

HR Support and advice from BD Roper HR Ltd
We have worked with Brenda Roper for several years. Our concerns have mainly related to unsatisfactory employee performance and attendance. With Brenda's guidance we terminated the employees contracts without the employee taking any action against us. Brenda’s guidance and precision were invaluable. We have also been the recipients of the regular stream of technical advice of personnel matters relating to legislative changes and tribunal decisions which she provides, ensuring we are able to manage staff professionally.
Ian Bowers, Managing Director, George Weil & Sons Ltd
One of the best courses I have had the privilege to attend. Brenda Roper is an excellent trainer and makes the training interesting whilst ensuring the delegates receive all the correct information whilst also being able to relate it to their circumstances and talk about specific issues
Ending Bullying & Harassment Training Course attendee
Brenda was really helpful when we needed to better understand how maternity pay works, and she came to help us at very short notice
Rita Tinney, Director Keats Estate Agents & Keats Letting Ltd
Excellent and engaging trainer who facilitated conversation and learning through working in groups and discussion nicely. Clearly knew subject matter inside out, held pace and delivery of session well - thoroughly enjoyable training
Equality & Inclusion Matters Course attendee
As a SME, we felt our most cost-effective option was to outsource our HR requirements and in B&D Roper we have found an excellent business partner who fully understands the increasingly complex minefield that is HR legislation and is able to communicate that in lay terms to those of us who don’t. Brenda has been able to provide a wealth of expertise in the type of issues that all small businesses encounter from time to time.
Jill Ford, Director, Dramco Ltd
Brenda provided our Non Executive Board of Directors with a factual yet pragmatic evaluation of both legal and cultural issues with some shocking revelations. She navigated her way through some very unsavoury conduct which eventually led to exposing fiduciary breaches from our own Board of Directors amongst other HR issues. As a direct result of her investigation we were able to bring about a change management programme. I personally recommend Brenda Roper to any organisation seeking a professional, experienced and efficient advisor to a wide range of HR matters.
Oliver Auston, the Non Executive Chairman of a significant UK industrial trade association