Whilst following a policy or procedure step by step may suit some managers and supervisors, for most it is the application of the instructions that embed the learning.  Our HR training and development is memorable as it is undertaken in a relaxed and fun environment with realistic case studies and group work based on your organisation and the real world.

Our training is not ‘death by PowerPoint’.  Our training rooms don’t look like classrooms, we prefer our delegates to sit in groups where they can work together on case studies or share opinions in a group exercise.

Our case studies are based on your organisation and the real world in which you operate.

We pride ourselves on creating an atmosphere that encourages discussion, the sharing of experiences and the opportunity to problem solve in a supportive environment.

Our HR training and development is bespoke for your organisation based on your policies and procedures and agreed with you before it is delivered.

Human Resource Policies & Procedures

All organisations have rules, policies and procedures.  Ensuring your managers and supervisors implement your policies and procedures in a fair, reasonable and equitable manner helps to promote employee engagement and motivation.  No one wants to work for an organisation that they perceive treats employees inequitably.

We can deliver training to all grades of staff in the following subjects and more.

HR Policies & Procedures training and development by BD Roper HR Ltd

Managing the Disciplinary Process

You may want us to focus on the process as a whole, or perhaps just on disciplinary hearings and appeal hearings.  Or maybe you need your managers or supervisors to understand how to undertake a disciplinary investigation and put together a report that is impartial, fair, reasonable and in a format suitable for inclusion in an Employment Tribunal bundle of documents.

The unfairness in Unfair Dismissal is most often found in the process and not the sanction.

Training will give your managers confidence in dealing with disciplinary issues and reduce the potential for successful unfair dismissal claims against your organisation.

Disciplinary Process training by BD Roper HR Ltd

Bullying, Equality & Harassment

Any form of discriminatory or other inappropriate behaviours have a corrosive effect on your organisation.  Rather than complain staff often resign or the effect on individuals is so profound that they become unwell and sickness absence levels rise.  Organisations can gain a reputation for being unpleasant places to work and when you need to recruit, the pool of applicants from which you can choose an individual with the rights skills and aptitude is reduced.  It’s known as ‘employer branding’.

We offer a range of training associated with bullying, equality and harassment.  These include sessions on recognising and challenging bullying and harassment or we can help you ensure that your policies and procedures do not treat people less favourably or disadvantage them on any of the seven discriminatory grounds.

Dependent on your needs we can also include how to recognise and avoid discrimination in recruitment and performance management.

Bullying and Harassment training by BD Roper HR Ltd

Managing Sickness Absence, Disability & Reasonable Adjustments

It is inevitable that from time to time an employee will succumb to a period of physical or mental ill health.

We offer training to meet the specific needs of your organisation which may be how to manage repeated short term absences and/or how to manage long term absences.

Many of us will acquire a disability as we mature and as a result need reasonable adjustments in the workplace in order that we can continue to be valued employees.  We can help you discern what is ‘reasonable’ for your organisation.

Failure to make reasonable adjustments is discriminatory and successful disability discrimination claims to Employment Tribunal attract high levels of compensation.  Let us give you the skills you need to recognise the need, manage the process, retain highly motivated staff and keep on the right side of employment law.

Managing Sickness Absence, Disability & Reasonable Adjustments Training by BD Roper HR Ltd

Maternity Leave & Family Friendly Law

Successive governments have widened the statutory rights for individuals to achieve a satisfactory work:life balance.  We can offer both overview and/or detailed training across the band of family friendly legislation.

Maternity Leave can be complex and particularly so if you offer a bonus or commission based salary or if the pregnancy does not go according to plan.  Added to the complexities are Keeping In Touch days and finally, the return to work.  Organisations are dynamic and 52 weeks after going on maternity leave an individual may find a changed organisation and a job role that looks and feels different to the one prior to maternity leave.  Organisations need to manage this situation sympathetically and ensure they do not fall foul of discrimination legislation.

We are also able to offer training to cover Paternity Leave, Parental Leave, Shared Parental Leave and The Right to Request Flexible Working.

Maternity Leave & Family Friendly Law Training by BD Roper HR Ltd

Performance Management

Most employees want to do a good job and to be rewarded for their efforts. Reward doesn’t have to be financial, we can help you be innovative and consider other forms of reward.

We can train your managers and supervisors to set clear objectives and to monitor and evaluate an employee’s progress towards achieving their objectives through constructive, well planned conversations  that check an employee’s wellbeing and which creates an audit trail that isn’t a bureaucratic paper trail.

Of course, not all employees can achieve their objectives without training or development and occasionally there is a rogue employee who simply cannot be bothered.  We can help your managers and supervisors deal with these individuals.

Performance Management Training by BD Roper HR Ltd

Employee Engagement

We are sure you want your employees to work together for the good of the organisation and the wellbeing of their colleagues. To achieve that your staff need to be motivated, engaged, feel safe and proud to work for your oganisation

Nature abhors a vacuum but many managers and supervisors overlook the importance of good communication and transparency within their teams.  Consequently vacuums become filled with speculation, gossip and rumours.

Understanding how to communicate change and conduct a consultation process is an important management skill.  Perhaps you have an Employee Forum which is not delivering as you had hoped.  We can work with that forum for you and increase engagement and innovation.

If you recognise a trade union for collective bargaining purposes we can help with workshops aimed at improving communication and developing good negotiating skills.

Employee Engagement Training

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HR Services from BD Roper HR Ltd
We have worked with Brenda Roper for several years. Our concerns have mainly related to unsatisfactory employee performance and attendance. With Brenda's guidance we terminated the employees contracts without the employee taking any action against us. Brenda’s guidance and precision were invaluable. We have also been the recipients of the regular stream of technical advice of personnel matters relating to legislative changes and tribunal decisions which she provides, ensuring we are able to manage staff professionally.
Ian Bowers, Managing Director, George Weil & Sons Ltd
One of the best courses I have had the privilege to attend. Brenda Roper is an excellent trainer and makes the training interesting whilst ensuring the delegates receive all the correct information whilst also being able to relate it to their circumstances and talk about specific issues
Ending Bullying & Harassment Training Course attendee
Brenda was really helpful when we needed to better understand how maternity pay works, and she came to help us at very short notice
Rita Tinney, Director Keats Estate Agents & Keats Letting Ltd
Excellent and engaging trainer who facilitated conversation and learning through working in groups and discussion nicely. Clearly knew subject matter inside out, held pace and delivery of session well - thoroughly enjoyable training
Equality & Inclusion Matters Course attendee
As a SME, we felt our most cost-effective option was to outsource our HR requirements and in B&D Roper we have found an excellent business partner who fully understands the increasingly complex minefield that is HR legislation and is able to communicate that in lay terms to those of us who don’t. Brenda has been able to provide a wealth of expertise in the type of issues that all small businesses encounter from time to time.
Jill Ford, Director, Dramco Ltd
Brenda provided our Non Executive Board of Directors with a factual yet pragmatic evaluation of both legal and cultural issues with some shocking revelations. She navigated her way through some very unsavoury conduct which eventually led to exposing fiduciary breaches from our own Board of Directors amongst other HR issues. As a direct result of her investigation we were able to bring about a change management programme. I personally recommend Brenda Roper to any organisation seeking a professional, experienced and efficient advisor to a wide range of HR matters.
Oliver Auston, the Non Executive Chairman of a significant UK industrial trade association